Agenda item

Questions on matters relating to the work of the Board


Electric Scooters

In response to a question from a Member regarding education and enforcement activity against electric scooters, the Commander (Operations and Security) acknowledged the growing popularity of electric scooters. Since July 2019 the City of London Police had taken part in a pan-London approach to the issue. In summary, a warning would be issued to an electric scooter user on the first occasion (of which 119 had been issued in the City). By the time of a third offence, the scooter would be seized.


Additional Funding for Police Forces

In response to a question regarding how the Force would be held accountable for reduction in crime, particularly in light of the fact that economic crime constituted 50% of all crime but attracted only 1% of funding, the Commissioner replied that it was likely issues such as violent crime would be high on the government’s agenda. Nevertheless, it was his impression in the wake of the Mackey/Savill Review that there was a growing awareness that combating fraud was a responsibility of all 43 Forces in England and Wales.


Business Continuity and COVID-19

In response to a question regarding the Force’s planning ahead of a possible COVID-19 epidemic, the Commander (Operations and Security) noted that he was chairing the Force’s response. He noted that the Force was putting measures in place both as a responder, and an employer. Moreover the Force was making enquiries among its sub-contractors to establish what measures they were putting in place to mitigate the impact of COVID-19.