Committee details

Assessment Sub-Panel of the Panel of Independent Persons

Purpose of committee

A Sub-Panel consisting of three members drawn from the Panel of Independent Persons.


The Assessment Sub-Panel is tasked with receiving Complaints under the Code of Conduct, considering their admissibility and what, if any, further action should be taken on them.


For further information on the Assessment stage of a complaint and the role of the Assessment Sub-Panel please refer to the Members Complaints Procedure here:



  • Andrew Ayre   
  • Miranda Carruthers-Watt   
  • Robert Coyle   
  • Christine Fraser   
  • Amina Hossain   
  • Tom Ketteley   
  • Karen McArthur   
  • Amanda Orchard   
  • Gary Rogers   
  • Rahul Sinha   
  • Philip Thicknesse   
  • Atiyyah Younis   

Contact information

Support officer: Gemma Stokley. Email: