Committee details

Panel of Independent Persons

Purpose of committee

An Independent Panel composed only of independent persons, to receive allegations of misconduct, determine whether to investigate, present findings to the Court, and hear any appeal. The Panel also have responsibility for making recommendations as to whether or not dispensations should be granted or refused.


  • Andrew Ayre   
  • Miranda Carruthers-Watt   
  • Robert Coyle   
  • Christine Fraser   
  • Amina Hossain   
  • Tom Ketteley   
  • Karen McArthur   
  • Amanda Orchard  (Chairman) 
  • Gary Rogers  (Deputy Chairman) 
  • Rahul Sinha   
  • Philip Thicknesse   
  • Atiyyah Younis   

Contact information

Support officer: Gemma Stokley. Email: