Committee details

Appeal Sub-Panel of the Panel of Independent Persons

Purpose of committee

A Sub-Panel consisting of three members drawn from the Panel of Independent Persons. The Appeal Sub-Panel is also assisted by an elected Member who is tasked with advising on contextual matters, if necessary.


For further information on the Appeal stage of a complaint and the role of the Appeal Sub-Panel please refer to the Members Complaints Procedure here:



  • Andrew Ayre   
  • Miranda Carruthers-Watt   
  • Robert Coyle   
  • Christine Fraser   
  • Amina Hossain   
  • Tom Ketteley   
  • Karen McArthur   
  • Amanda Orchard   
  • Gary Rogers   
  • Rahul Sinha   
  • Philip Thicknesse   
  • Atiyyah Younis   

Contact information

Support officer: Gemma Stokley. Email: