Committee details

Committee Vacancies

Purpose of committee

A list of vacancies on various Committee’s (and Sub-Committees) and Outside Bodies of the Court of Common Council.


(Updated 04/06/2024)


Grand Committees

  • Vacancy – Hampstead Heath, Highgate Wood and Queen's Park Committee (x2)
  • Vacancy – Barbican Residential Committee (x1)
  • Vacancy – Board of Governors of the City of London Freemen's School (x1)   
  • Vacancy – Licensing Committee (x1)
  • Vacancy – Markets Board (x1)
  • Vacancy – Local Government Pensions Board (x1)
  • Vacancy – Digital Services Committee (x1)


Sub-Committees (where the Court has direct right of appointment)


·        Vacancy – Freedom Applications Sub-Committee (x1)


Outside Bodies


·        Vacancy - YMCA London City and North (x1)

·        Vacancy - Bridewell Royal Hospital (x2)

·        Vacancy – Christ’s Hospital (x3)

·        Vacancy – East London NHS Foundation Trust (x1)

·        Vacancy – London Road Safety Council (x1)

·        Vacancy - Central Foundation Schools for London (x1)