Meeting attendance

Tuesday, 8th May, 2012 10.30 am, The Committee of Aldermen to Administer the Sir William Coxen Trust Fund

Venue:   Committee Rooms, West Wing, Guildhall

Contact:    Rakesh Hira 020 7332 1408

Meeting attendance
Attendee Role Attendance Attendance comment
Sir Michael David Bear BSc (Eng) MBA (Alderman) Committee Member Present
John Garbutt (Alderman) Committee Member Apologies
Neil Graham Morgan Redcliffe (Alderman) Committee Member Apologies
Dr Andrew Charles Parmley MusM Hon FGS (Alderman) Committee Member Apologies
Sir Michael Savory (Alderman) Committee Member Apologies
Sir John Stuttard MA (Alderman) Committee Member Present
Rakesh Hira Clerk In attendance
Paul Mathews Officer In attendance