Meeting attendance

Wednesday, 10th November, 2021 11.00 am, Finance and Estates Committee of the Board of Governors of the City of London School for Girls

Venue:   Committee Rooms, 2nd Floor, West Wing, Guildhall and Virtual. The meeting can be viewed at:

Contact:    Kerry Nicholls

Meeting attendance
Attendee Role Attendance Attendance comment
Peter Gordon Bennett Chairman Present
Randall Keith Anderson Committee Member Present
Nicholas Michael Bensted-Smith Committee Member Present
Mark Bostock Committee Member Present
Prem Goyal (Alderman) Committee Member Present
Robert Picton Seymour Howard (Alderman) Committee Member Present
Dhruv Patel Committee Member Present
Jenny Brown Officer In attendance
Jane Elliott-Waine Officer In attendance
John Hall Officer In attendance
Rhiannon Leary Officer In attendance
Kerry Nicholls Officer In attendance
Steven Reynolds Officer In attendance
Charlie Pearce Officer In attendance