Meeting attendance

Monday, 16th January, 2023 1.45 pm, Finance and Risk Committee of the Barbican Centre Board

Venue:   Barbican Centre

Contact:    Ben Dunleavy

Meeting attendance
Attendee Role Attendance Attendance comment
Tijs Broeke Chair Present
Tom Sleigh Deputy Chairman Present
Randall Keith Anderson, Deputy Committee Member Present
Sandeep Dwesar Officer Expected
Jonathon Poyner Officer In attendance
Niki Cornwell Officer Expected
Andrew Buckingham Officer Expected
Matthew Lock Officer In attendance
Ben Dunleavy Secretary Expected
Ann Holmes, Deputy Committee Member Present
Sir William Anthony Bowater Russell (Alderman) Committee Member Apologies
Claire Spencer Officer In attendance
Robert Glick OBE Committee Member In attendance
Will Gompertz Officer In attendance
Ali Mirza Officer In attendance