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London Drugs and Alcohol Policy Forum


The London Drugs and Alcohol Policy Forum (formerly the London Drugs Policy Forum) was established in 1991. It seeks to improve local authority responses to drug problems by raising awareness and promoting best practice. It is funded by the Corporation of London but has been successful in attracting funding for specific projects from external bodies.  Amongst other areas of work, the LDPF organises highly successful conferences and has run high-profile information and education campaigns e.g. the first major Drug Drive campaign in England, the Vital Information Pack aimed at young people and a campaign targeted at parents. The LDPF has also produced a range of materials to assist those working at a borough level.  Though a small organisation it has a national and international reputation.  It is a respected and active member of London regional bodies and national steering groups.  Members of the Forum are drawn from Councillors from other London Boroughs plus those who bring specific expertise. Its Chairman is drawn from the Court of Common Council.