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Safer City Partnership Strategy Board

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Safer City Partnership Strategy Board

The Safer City Partnership Strategy board is the statutory community safety partnership for the City of London. It brings together statutory agencies, known as the Responsible Authorities, and invited and co-opted participants with the role of keeping the Square Mile safe. Our vision is that the Square Mile is a safe place for people to live, learn, work and visit. 

The Safer City Partnership Strategic Plan outlines the areas of work upon which we will focus in the coming one to three years to achieve our aims. The SCP Strategy Board is responsible for delivering the ambitions set out in the Partnership Community Safety Strategic Plan.

The representatives of the Safer City Partnership Strategy board are senior officers in their organisations with decision-making power on behalf of those they represent as listed below.

Responsible Authorities (Statutory Members)


·         The City of London Corporation

·         Police Authority

·         The City of London Police

·         London Fire Brigade

·         City and Hackney NHS Clinical Commissioning Group

·         The Probation Service - London

Invited and co-opted participants

·         British Transport Police

·         London Ambulance Service

·         City of London Crime Prevention Association

·         The Guinness Partnership

·         The City of London – Elected member residents’ representative

·         City and Hackney Public Health

·         Victim Support representative


·         Safer Business Network