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City Streets: Transportation response to support covid-19 recovery: Charterhouse School Street

Report of the Director of the Built Environment


The Sub Committee considered a report of the Director of the Built Environment concerning a proposal for a project to implement a “school street” outside Charterhouse School. The Director of the Built Environment introduced the report and explained the background behind the proposal, also advising that the school was supportive of the scheme.


A Member voiced reservations about the proposals, on the basis that parents would continue to commute in by car due to their geographic spread, and that the current pick-up/drop-off system worked well, so a new scheme may create disbenefit, particularly during rush hour. Members also asked for clarification on engagement undertaken with the school, and with Islington if necessary.


The Director of the Built Environment advised that officers had engaged with the school and considered feedback from parents. The experimental order, if agreed, would be monitored and feedback gathered to inform any further proposals that were forthcoming. The school would also sign up to TfL’s STARS project which would generate further engagement. The Director confirmed that as the scheme involved a boundary street the scheme would require Islington’s agreement, and they had indicated support. Physical changes were not proposed at this stage but could be considered if the scheme were to be made permanent.


In response to further points raised by Members, the Director of the Built Environment advised that officers would seek clarification on any planning obligations attached to recent consent to expand the school, and that a return to a one-way system with a widened pavement had been considered. The experimental scheme had funding in place, but if the experiment were successful contributions to funding physical enhancements could be sought.


The Chairman then advised he had asked the Comptroller and City Solicitor’s Department to draft a legal checklist to provide in support of schemes to ensure full compliance and that all obligations were discharged. The Chairman added that whilst closures were a sensitive matter, the proposed route was appropriate, and the temporary experiment would allow for consultation and data collection before any further decisions.


RESOLVED – That the Streets & Walkways Sub Committee:


1.    Approve the implementation of the Charterhouse School Street using an ETO, at a total estimated cost of £60,000, subject to agreement from LBI and no objections from statutory consultees;


2.    Following the implementation of the ETO, any objections received during the statutory consultation period (up to 6 months from the implementation date) will be reported back to Members when making a final decision whether or not to make the scheme permanent or whether a public enquiry into any objections is required; and


3.    Note that approval to use the £60,000 funding has been granted from the City’s Central Fund.


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