Agenda item

Report of action taken between meetings

Report of the Clerk (NB: Appendix 2 is Non-Public).


The Committee noted the report of the Clerk, expressing disappointment that the Committee had not had the opportunity to review and discuss the matter in a committee setting.

A Member commented that the Bartholomew Fair concept appeared to have been diluted.

The meeting heard that there had been support at an early stage for Bartholomew Fair to expand beyond a single part of the City. A Member commented that there was merit in nurturing a village fete atmosphere, with local people invited to run stalls.

Members expressed concern that there did not appear to be sufficient time to deliver the Bartholomew Fair event, seeking clarification that the relevant agreements were in place and that confirmed dates were in place in order to prepare relevant parties, including voluntary organisations, influencers and tour guides. The meeting heard that programming was being finalised and would be communicated shortly.

In response to a comment around the clarity on funding and partner sponsorship, the meeting noted that a proof of concept was needed to seal sponsor deals and that the event itself was serving as a proof of concept that would generate data that could be taken forward ahead of future partnerships. The 2023 event would involve working on a value exchange basis with partners.

Members commented that events would benefit from being communicated in a more assertive and forceful way, noting that the City of London was at a different stage in its roll-out of the cultural offering, and that there were some limitations on billboard space in the City.

Members commented that there was merit in considering setting up a CHL working group to work with DC.


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