Register of interests

Alison Gowman (Alderman)

Declarations of Interest - Section 29 (1) of the Localism Act 2011

Employment, office, trade, profession or vocation
Member: Spouse/Civil Partner/Living as such:
Consultant (solicitor) in DLA Piper UK LLP, 160 Aldersgate Street, London EC1A 4HT NIL
Member: Spouse/Civil Partner/Living as such:
Member: Spouse/Civil Partner/Living as such:
Member: Spouse/Civil Partner/Living as such:
Property at Shakespeare Tower, Barbican, London EC2 NIL
Car parking space, Defoe House, Barbican, London EC2 -
Storage space, Shakespeare Tower, Barbican, London EC2 -
Member: Spouse/Civil Partner/Living as such:
Corporate Tenancies
Member: Spouse/Civil Partner/Living as such:
160 Aldersgate Street, London EC1A 4HT (DLA Piper) NIL
Member: Spouse/Civil Partner/Living as such:
Gifts of Hospitality
Hospitality received and name of Donor Date received
Lamp, mug and Katherine Jenkins CD (Ann Bradley and Beverley Levy) 23 September 2021
Stamp with coat of arms - Steven Wilson 23 September 2021
Book of London Maps - Daphne Cave 23 September 2021
Visitors book - Glovers' Company 28 September 2021
Two mugs - Roger de Courcey 28 September 2021
Basketmakers posy and basket with flowers - Basketmakers Livery 30 September 2021
Black gloves - Glovers' Company 5 October 2021
Chocolate Pump St and posy of red rosses - Horners' Company 7 October 2021
Orchid and 2 Linen branded cloths - Launderers 8 October 2021
Cushion with coat of arms - Ann Esslemont 11 October 2021
Posey - Furniture Makers' Company 11 October 2021
Wizardry in wood, two items - Turners' Company 12 October 2021
Pewter keyring - bee, Cooks' Company 13 October 2021
Posy with sweet smelling flowers, pink, Distillers' Company 15 October 2021
Book, The Last Jobber, Brian Winterflood 15 October 2021
Posy, Shipwrights' Company 25 October 2021
Curlywurly, Institute of Couriers 26 October 2021
Water bottle, Lord Mayor, Sir William Russell 1 November 2021
Plaque, Lord Mayors' Association 3 November 2021
Three amethysts, Govnr of Minas Gerais Field 9 November 2021
Mont Blanc - presentation pen, Vintry & Dowgate Ward Club 12 November 2021
Glasses, Plaisterers' Company 12 November 2021
Silver Salver, Chartered Surveyors 12 November 2021
Posey at LM Banquet, Corporation of London 15 November 2021
Flowers, Coopers' Company 19 November 2021
Chocolates and Mappin and Webb, Salters Livery 23 November 2021
Flowers, Barber Green 23 November 2021
Posy, Broad Street Ward Club lunch 25 November 2021
Posy, Gold and Silver Wyre Drawers' Company 26 November 2021
Loaf of bread, Bakers' Company 29 November 2021
Flowers in a vase and a scarf ring, Loriners' Company 30 November 2021
Posy, Guild of Freeman 1 December 2021
Decoration from St Paul's Cathedral, St Paul's School 6 December 2021
Leather gloves, Glovers' Company 7 December 2021
Posy orchids and playing cards, Makers of Playing Cards Company 7 December 2021
Posy, Cutlers' Company 8 December 2021
Posy, Marketors' Company 11 December 2021
Book, The Earlier Centuries Fletchers, The Worshipful Company of Fletchers 17 December 2021
Posy, The Royal Society of St George 18 December 2021
Gold coin, Feltmakers' Company 10 January 2022
Two Dartington glasses with Dyer coat of arms, Dyer Company 11 January 2022
Chocolates, Pattenmakers' Company 14 January 2022
History book, Chartered Architects 25 January 2022
Posy, Aldersgate Ward Club 28 January 2022
Apron branded and bottle of 1666 soil, Skinners 3 February 2022
Pewter jug, Lord Mayor 8 February 2022
Posy of herbs and book about A E Houseman by Master Peter Waine, Gardeners Livery 11 February 2022
Quill pen, presentation box, Cross fountain pen and ink, Scriveners 21 February 2022
Coin, Dutch Commander George Pastoor re Tromp ship in dock 22 February 2022
Liver bird pin, LM of Liverpool 25 February 2022
Race mug, Poulters 1 March 2022
Fan, Fishmongers 1 March 2022
Bottle of wine, Masons Livery 4 Mach 2022
Arrow, Fletchers 7 March 2022
Bottle of champagne, PACT and YPO 8 March 2022
Whisky and history booklet, Walbrook Ward Club 14 March 2022
Bouquet of flowers, Apothecaries Livery 14 March 2022
Wellington boot and chocolate shoe, Cordwainers Livery 17th March 2022
Table flowers, Cripplegate Ward Club 18 March 2022
Chocolates and silver dish with ram (Glenn book about Drapers) Drapers Livery 23 March 2022
Blanket chocolate book and carrier bag, Kenyan Chief Justice Masai 24 March 2022
Book about leadership, Keith Leslie 29 March 2022
Starfish paperweight, SafeLives 30 March 2022
Bouquet, Bridge Ward Club 6 April 2022
Broach, LM Big Curry Lunch 7 April 2022
Scarf/brooch, Sheriffs' Society 8 April 2022
Posy and bouquet, Billingsgate Ward Club 11 April 2022
Club bouquet, Vintry and Dowgate Wards 11 April 2022
Posy and table flowers , RSSG 22 April 2022
Spoon and pencil case x 2, Lord Mayor 23 April 2022
Institute of Couriers at IOD Pall Mall Award ceremony and dinner 25 October 2022
Fruiterers' Livery at Ironmongers Hall Dinner (and speech) 8 November 2022
Insurers Livery at Girdlers Dinner 15 November 2022
Camden Highline at Gormley studio reception 1 December 2022
Dyers at Dyers Hall Dinner 11 January 2023
Actuaries at Goldsmith Dinner with Glenn Hurstfield (2 people in total) 26th January 2023
Educators at Guildhall Dinner 27 January 2023
Dinner, Arts Scholars Livery 30 January 2023
Institute of Couriers' Reception at House of Lords 3 March 2023
Dinner, Furniture Makers Livery 14 March 2023
Lunch, London Stock Exchange Group 23 March 2023
Lecture (drinks and canapes) held at Stationers' Hall by the Engineers Livery Company 18 April 2023
Lunch held by Fuellers Livery at Vintners Hall 19 April 2023
Guest at Furniture Makers' Banquet, Mansion House 4 May 2023
Guest at Arts Scholars' installation dinner, Apothecaries Hall 25 May 2023
Dinner guest with Air Pilots Livery at Drapers' Hall 1 June 2023
Reception and dinner with CIBC 19 June 2023
Reception plus 1 on Mexican tall sailing ship Cuauhtemoc (invite of Mexican Ambassador) 21 June 2023
Reception plus 1 at Winfield House to celebrate US Independence Day (invite of US Ambassador) 28 June 2023
Guest speaker at lunch - Wheelwrights' Livery 5 July 2023
Beating Retreat and reception for two at Tower of London 5 July 2023
Guest speaker at dinner - Basketmakers' Livery 26 July 2023
Reception and supper at Blue Orchid Hospitality given by Integrity International Group 18 September 2023
Guest speaker at dinner with Upholders Livery Company at Haberdashers' Hall 20 September 2023
Two tickets to concert at Barbican given by LSO 21 September 2023
Dinner at Merchant Taylors' Hall - Dyers Livery 11 October 2023
Dinner at Saddlers Hall (speaking) with Parish Clerks Company 7 December 2023
Dinner at Mansion House as guest of Birkbeck College 13 December 2023
Dinner with Dyers Livery as guest of Dyers' Livery 10 January 2024
Launch of EASI Awards as guest of Entrepreneurs Company 17 January 2024
Dinner with the Guild of City Beadles at Innholders Hall 23 February 2024
Reception by the Japanese Ambassador at the Japanese Embassy 27 February 2024
Guest of Green Aviation Task Group at launch of Globalising Net Zero Aviation, Glaziers Hall 28 February 2024
Guest of World Traders' Livery Company at Tacitus Lecture & drinks, Guildhall 29 February 2024
Non-pecuniary interests
Member Spouse/Civil Partner/Living as such:
Member of Law Society of England and Wales -
Liveryman of Worshipful Company of Glovers of London -
Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Plaisterers -
Liveryman of Solicitors Livery Company -
Member of Methodist Church -
Justice of the Peace, Central London Magistrates Court -
Trustee of the Aldersgate Flame -
Member/ Past President City Livery Club -
Council Member Royal Society of St George -
Patron and member of the Vintry and Dowgate Wards Club -
Trustee of the Lord Mayor's 800th Anniversary Awards Trust -
Governor of the Museum of London -
Director of the Museum of London Archaeology Board -
Liveryman of the Chartered Surveyors Livery -
Trustee of Trust for London -
Trustee of London Road Safety Council -
Trustee of Modern College -
Director/Trustee of MOLA (Museum of London Archaeology) -
Council Member of the London Regiment -
Trustee of the Samuel Wilson Loan Trust -
Trustee of Beacon Collaborative -
Director, Lord Mayor's Show Ltd -