Meeting attendance

Thursday, 30th November, 2017 11.30 am, Performance and Resource Management Committee of the City of London Police Authority Board

Venue:   Committee Rooms, 2nd Floor, West Wing, Guildhall

Contact:    George Fraser
tel. no.: 020 7332 1174

Meeting attendance
Attendee Role Attendance Attendance comment
James Michael Douglas Thomson, Deputy Chairman Present
Douglas Barrow, Deputy Ex-Officio Member Apologies
Nicholas Michael Bensted-Smith, JP Committee Member Present
Tijs Broeke Committee Member Present
Keith David Forbes Bottomley, Deputy Committee Member Present
Alison Gowman (Alderman) Committee Member Present
Kenneth Ludlam External Member Apologies
Caroline Mawhood External Member Present
Lucy Sandford External Member Apologies
Oliver Bolton Officer Absent
Neil Davies Officer Apologies
John Galvin Officer Expected
Alex Orme Officer In attendance
Caroline Al-Beyerty Officer In attendance
Pat Stothard Officer In attendance
Sean Green Officer In attendance
Jeremy Mullins Officer Expected
Alistair Sutherland Officer In attendance
Paul Adams Public In attendance
T/ CI Jon Munton Officer In attendance
Stuart Phoenix Officer In attendance
Andrew Ricketts Officer In attendance
Hayley Williams Officer In attendance
COL - Events Council Staff Expected