Meeting attendance

Thursday, 18th November, 2021 1.45 pm, Policy and Resources Committee

Venue:   Committee Rooms, 2nd Floor, West Wing, Guildhall (

Contact:    Gregory Moore
tel. no.: 020 7332 1399

Meeting attendance
Attendee Role Attendance Attendance comment
Catherine McGuinness, Deputy Chair Present
Christopher Michael Hayward Deputy Chairman Present
Keith David Forbes Bottomley, Deputy Vice-Chairman Present
Tom Sleigh, Deputy Vice-Chair Apologies
Rehana Banu Ameer Committee Member Present
Nicholas Michael Bensted-Smith Ex-Officio Member Present
Tijs Broeke Committee Member Present
Anne Helen Fairweather Committee Member Present
Marianne Bernadette Fredericks Committee Member Present
Tracey Graham Ex-Officio Member Apologies
Timothy Russell Hailes (Alderman) Committee Member Present
Caroline Wilma Haines Committee Member Absent
Wendy Hyde, Deputy Ex-Officio Member Present
Jamie Ingham Clark, Deputy Committee Member Present
Shravan Jashvantrai Joshi Committee Member Present
Edward Lord, Deputy Committee Member Present
Vincent Thomas Keaveny (Alderman) Committee Member Apologies
Ian David Luder (Alderman) Committee Member Present
Jeremy Mayhew Committee Member Present
Andrew Stratton McMurtrie Committee Member Present
Wendy Mead Committee Member Present
Andrien Gereith Dominic Meyers, Deputy Committee Member Apologies
Brian Desmond Francis Mooney, Deputy Ex-Officio Member Present
Alastair Michael Moss, Deputy Ex-Officio Member Absent
The Rt Hon. The Lord Mayor, Alderman William Anthony Bowater Russell Ex-Officio Member Absent
Ruby Sayed Ex-Officio Member Present
The Rt Hon the Baroness Patricia Scotland of Asthal, QC (Alderman) Ex-Officio Member Absent
Sir Michael Snyder Committee Member Present
James Michael Douglas Thomson, Deputy Ex-Officio Member Present
Mark Raymond Peter Henry Delano Wheatley Committee Member Apologies
Philip Woodhouse, Deputy Committee Member Apologies
Sir David Hugh Wootton (Alderman) Committee Member Present
John Barradell Officer Expected
Michael Cogher Officer In attendance
Paul Double Officer In attendance
Paul Wilkinson Officer Expected
Caroline Al-Beyerty Officer In attendance
Damian Nussbaum Officer In attendance
Bob Roberts Officer In attendance
Peter Lisley Officer Expected
Angela Roach Officer Expected
Nigel Lefton Officer Expected
Kate Smith Officer Expected
Simon Latham Council Staff Expected
Helen Martins Council Staff Expected
Luke Hollander Council Staff Expected
Gregory Moore Officer In attendance
Fiona Hoban Officer Expected
Nerissa Allen Council Staff Expected
Dionne Corradine Officer In attendance
Ian Hughes Officer In attendance
Sam Hutchings Officer In attendance
Jack Joslin Officer In attendance
Richard Messingham Officer In attendance
Emma Moore Officer In attendance
Christopher Rumbles Officer In attendance