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Tuesday, 6th November, 2018 2.00 pm, Audit and Risk Management Committee

Venue:   Committee Rooms, 2nd Floor, West Wing, Guildhall

Contact:    Julie Mayer tel. no. 020 7332 1410

Meeting attendance
Attendee Role Attendance
Hilary Daniels Deputy Chairman Present
Jamie Ingham Clark, Deputy Ex-Officio Member Present
Kenneth Ludlam External Member Present
Caroline Mawhood External Member Apologies
Julie Mayer Secretary Expected
Kate Smith Officer Expected
John Barradell Officer In attendance
Simon Latham Officer In attendance
Gregory Moore Secretary In attendance
Chloe Rew Secretary In attendance
Peter Goss Secretary In attendance
Peter Kane Officer In attendance
Caroline Al-Beyerty Officer In attendance
Paul Dudley Officer Present
Steven Reynolds Officer In attendance
Michael Cogher Officer Present
Chrissie Morgan Officer In attendance
Tracey Jansen Officer In attendance
David Smith Officer In attendance
Ruth Calderwood Officer In attendance
Chris Keesing Officer In attendance
Bob Roberts Officer Expected
Leigh Lloyd-Thomas Officer Expected
Paul Murtagh Officer In attendance
Jeremy Lewis Simons Committee Member In attendance
Pat Stothard Officer In attendance
COL - Events Council Staff Expected
Nicholas Anstee (Alderman) Committee Member Present
Ian David Luder JP BSc (Econ) (Alderman) Chairman Present
Philip Gregory Officer Expected
Randall Keith Anderson Committee Member Present
Christopher Paul Boden Committee Member Apologies
Paul Nicholas Martinelli Committee Member Present
Jeremy Mayhew MA, MBA Ex-Officio Member Present
Alexander Robertson Martin Barr Deputy Chairman Present
John Garbutt (Alderman) Committee Member Apologies
John Petrie Committee Member Present
Marianne Bernadette Fredericks Committee Member Present
Anne Helen Fairweather Committee Member Present
Andrien Gereith Dominic Meyers Committee Member Apologies
Tom Conniffe Officer Expected


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