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Capital Buildings Committee

Purpose of committee



1.          Constitution

A Non-Ward Committee consisting of,

·   Five Members elected by the Court of Common Council, at least one of whom shall have fewer than five years’ service on the Court at the time of their appointment

·   Two Members appointed by the Policy & Resources Committee

·   The Chairman and Deputy or a Vice Chairman of the Policy & Resources Committee (ex-officio)

·   The Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the Finance Committee (ex-officio)

·   The Chairmen and Deputy Chairmen of those service committees which will become responsible for completed capital building projects (ex-officio)*

·   The Chairman of the General Purposes Committee of Aldermen (ex-officio)


* Such Chairmen and Deputy Chairmen to become ex-officio Members of the Committee upon the Court of Common Council giving its approval in principle for the project to proceed, with their membership to cease upon the new building being handed over to their Committee.


Together with up to two non-City of London Corporation Members and a further two Court of Common Council Members with appropriate experience, skills or knowledge.


2.          Quorum

             The quorum consists of any five Members.


3.          Membership 2018/19


         Elected by the Court of Common Council:-



Sir Michael Snyder, Deputy



Christopher Michael Hayward



Charles Edward Lord, O.B.E, J.P., Deputyfor three years



Alison Jane Gowman, Alderman for two years



Ian David Luder, J.P., Alderman for one year

Appointed by the Policy & Resources Committee:-



Peter Gordon Bennett for one year



Keith David Forbes Bottomley, Deputy for one year

together with the several appointed and ex-officio Members, the two non-City of London Corporation Members, and the two co-opted Members of Common Council as referred to in paragraph 1 above.


4.          Terms of Reference


In respect of major capital building projects which have been approved in principle by the Court of Common Council, to be responsible for (without recourse to any other Committee):-


overall direction and co-ordination;


financial control and variances within the overall approved budget for the project;


review of progress;


decisions on significant option development and key policy choices; and


decisions in relation to the acquisition and disposal of properties related to the project, including disposal or alternative use of current operational properties to be vacated on completion of the project. Such properties, upon the approval of the capital building project, shall sit outside of the normal Standing Orders (53-60) governing acquisitions and disposals.


Defined as projects for new or substantially refurbished buildings with an estimated budget of £100 million or more, or which have been otherwise referred to the Committee.


Such transactions shall therefore not require the additional approvals of the Property Investment Board, Corporate Asset Sub-Committee, Finance Committee, and Court of Common Council. However, the Policy & Resources Committee shall reserve the right to retain ultimate decision-making powers in respect of properties where the disposal is considered to have significant strategic or policy implications.




Membership of this Committee shall not count towards the limit on the number of committees on which a Member may serve contained in Standing Order 22 and its Chairman shall be eligible to be Chairman of another Committee (Ward or non-Ward) at the same time, pursuant to the provisions of Standing Order 29 (3).


The Chairman and Deputy/Vice-Chairmen of the Policy & Resources and Finance Committees shall have the power to vote in the election of Chairman and Deputy Chairman.


Whilst the Committee will need to have dealings with external parties relevant to the buildings concerned in projects for which the Committee is responsible, ownership and custody of these relationships shall rest with the relevant service committee and the Capital Buildings Committee shall act in accordance with this.




Contact information

Support officer: Gregory Moore
tel. no.: 020 7332 1399. Email:

Postal address:
City of London Corporation
PO Box 270

Phone: 0207 332 1399



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